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The X-Surveillance DS300 4G as known as the X-Surveillance DS400 is a 4G live streaming body camera that doubles a Push-To-Record Body Cam and Push-To-Talk Mic./Speaker.
This 4G body camera is designed to replace the heart of law enforcement, first aid, emergency services, public safety, defense and security services. The
X-Surveillance DS400 4G replaces the Push-To-Talk Mic./Speaker.
The 4G body camera combines evidence live streaming, live and local recordings, aggression prevention and (TETRA, APCO, UHF, VHF, PTT, ETC.) critical communications in one trusted device.

Police / Emergency 4G Body Camera.

The especially developed for law enforcement, police and emergency services 4G body camera is designed in collaboration with professionals throughout the world. Designed for optimum modularity, better evidence recordings, preventing agressive situations, lone job safety and critical communications.
The X-Surveillance DS400 4G is a result of combining X-Surveillance DS200 and DS300 body camera’s. With as object an extended safe and secure 4G live streaming body camera without the need of additinal equipment on an already heavy uniform.
One device; Push-To-Talk Mic./Speaker + 4G Live Streaming Body Camera.


4G Body Camera Integration.

The X-Surveillance DS400 4G is designed to integrate easily within a wearers/officers equipment, easy replacement of an already for decades in use Push-To-Talk Mic./Speaker, and compatible with nearly every Push-To-Talk manufacturer and device.
The X-Surveillance DS400 is compatible with existing clip holders, and with nearly every Push-To-Talk (TETRA, APCO, UHF, VHF, PTT, ETC.) manufacturer and model available, from Hytera, Kenwood, Vertex to Motorola.
With the hardware protective; shock-, dust- and water-resistant design this body cam is developed to provide optimum professional performance to protect lives and to be seamlessly integrated with the known X-Surveillance iNVR.


Live Streaming 4G Body Camera.

The X-Surveillance DS400 4G has an easy to use single ‘one press recording’ button to initiate (4G live streaming) recording and on the other side a ‘push-to-talk’ button.
With a pre-event and post-event recording functionality to ensure that crucial events are not being missed. The pre-event recording is a buffer that captures HD video of the events occuring prior to a recording is manually activated. The post-event recording is the same HD video recording buffer after the manually activated recordings.
With built-in Night-Vision recording up to 10 meters range. The “night vision” recordings have never been easier and safer. The operator is able to configure the night vision both manually and automatically. Including high-intensive infrared night vision turns on automatically sunset, minimum lighting, night or in dark environments.
Recordings captured with this 4G body cam can be live streamed and viewed using the iNVR; X-Surveillance evidence management software. Using a personalized storage location solution, such as; Cloud, On-Premises or X-Surveillance iNVR Tablet solution.


4G Body Camera Storage Solutions.

Evidence recordings are saved securely on the body cam, Cloud, On-Premises or X-Surveillance iNVR Tablet.
Using the latest high compression technology, the X-Surveillance DS400 police 4G body cam is able to record, store and transfer 720p and 1080p HD recordings to minimum file sizes and reduces storage costs.
The 4G body camera is also developed to be inter-compatible with other systems and storage platforms, with video date and time stamps recordings for accuracy and usability in court. and can be adjusted upon request to your local laws and requirements.


X-Surveillance Body Camera Software.

The DS400 4G police body camera is developed to operate seamlessy with the iNVR; X-Surveillance evidence management software, available in four personalized GDPR-compliant storage options, such as; Cloud, On-Premises or X-Surveillance iNVR solution.
On device storage;
Secure (and encrypted) 32GB built-in data storage, capable of holding HD video from multiple shifts before a download is required.
Cloud storage;
iNVR cloud server(s) to ensure data integrity and user accountability with internal, non-removable data storage.
On-Premises storage;
iNVR on servers owned and located by the client to avoid third-party influences, and to increase the privacy storage solution.
X-Surveillance iNVR storage;
iNVR located on the Mil-STD 810G, ruggedized, shock- and water- resistant X-Surveillance iNVR Tablet.which can be used anywhere, everywhere and is adjustable to any policy and requirement.


Pilot / Trial X-Surveillance.

Is your organisation, municipality, department or office in need of evidence recording solutions?
X-Surveillance can assist you in delivering a hassle-free body camera including (on-premises) management software and integration solutions.
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