Live Real-Time 4G Body Camera Software

The 4G live streaming and real-time X-Surveillance BodyCam software is perhaps the world’s most user-friendly and most comprehensive all-in-one software solution currently available. This feature has been specially developed for X-Surveillance body cameras.

BodyCam Roll Management

The X-Surveillance body camera software not only has the functionality to add users, but also allows role assignment to users. For example, the software offers roles and privileges such as;

1. Whether the user(s) can view the GPS location

2. Whether the user(s) are allowed to play Audio and Video, to use the push-to-talk two-way communication intercom, to listen to recorded sound, etc.

3. User(s) device information within departments; or certain users may view information to promote the General Data Protection Regulation.

4. More than 20 different options within roles and privileges are available.

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BodyCam User Management

The users can be divided into divisions, units, sub-departments within the department setting, and detailed information can be added per sub-department and user, such as officer’s name, telephone number, function, and personal description.

If desired, it is even possible to see when a (sub-) department has taken command and control with a user, used the IP address of the user, login time and which client, the X-Surveillance Software Web-Client or APP-Client.

Users and departments can be easily and securely exported and imported by expanding the BodyCam Software systems. The complete user management system has been developed for optimal user friendliness.

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Live 4G Body Camera Streaming

The real-time and live recordings via the body cameras can be watched with a delay of less than two seconds. With all data in one protected stream; HD image, night vision image, audio and GPS location all-in-one.

Video images can be watched live with the option to save remotely or locally, and allows the user to make screenshots and screencaps, etc. This can be done in different formats and different number of video images on a screen. It is also possible to watch one or more body cameras simultaneously live on the same screen and follow them via Google maps.

When a camera comes online, a notification will be made, consisting of the body cam terminal name, start time, and exact accurate GPS location which can be followed by Google Maps. You can choose to view video images live, via playback back per user and body camera.

In addition, it is possible to only choose Google Maps in order to track and follow body cameras. All data can be exported as additional evidence when desired.

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Body cameras Additional Safety

Emergency notifications: For additional safety an alarm button has been added in the body camera which can be operated in an emergency. The button activates an alarm in the control room and opens the video stream via an emergency message, including the meticulous GPS location.

For extra safety and evidence, both the control room and the user can both store the video stream directly.

Two-way communication: The 4G cameras for police institutions are equipped with a two-way audio (push-to-talk about LTE) that allows direct communication with the control room.

The control room can communicate with the user via a microphone. A user can communicate back via the body cam and / or possibly with headset.

Automatic night vision; From the body camera, live video images can be seen through the software, with a range of eight to fifteen meters. HD recordings can be categorized and shared live for additional evidence, facial recognition and user safety.

Feel free to request a demo for a live presentation of the Body Cam Software Safety Functions.

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