X-Surveillance Body Cameras

X-Surveillance specialized in Body Cameras & Software


High Quality. Designed in the Netherlands, Europe.

X-Surveillance is specialized in developing safe and secure mobile surveillance products, which includes safe and secure body cameras and management software.

X-Surveillance is founded in the Netherlands and is located at the The Hague Security Delta in The Hague and Eindhoven both offices located in the Netherlands.

Public Security & Safety background

Thanks to years of experience in mobile and IoT safety and security by the founders and management team of X-Surveillance. We are able to design, develop and create both user-friendly, modular, safe and secure body cameras.

We understand there is a need of less equipment, and more safety features to use by law enforcement, emergency, marine and security personnel.

Less equipment, and more safety features sounds as a contradiction as more is always better. Yet, due to many years of experience X-Surveillance has developed a body camera that provides more safety features in less equipment.

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