Police Body Cam DS300

X-Surveillance DS300 • Safe & Trusted Police Body Camera

Police Body Cam X-Surveillance DS300

X-Surveillance DS300 is a body camera that doubles a Push-To-Record Body Cam and Push-To-Talk Mic./Speaker.
This body camera is designed to combine the heart of law enforcement, first aid, emergency services, public safety, defense and security services. It combines evidence recordings, aggression prevention and critical communications in one trusted device.

Body Camera and More Safety.

The X-Surveillance DS300 is designed and developed in collaboration with professionals in several fields of work and who are in need of better evidence recordings, preventing agressive situations, lone job safety and critical communications.

We present you the X-Surveillance DS300 Body Cam.
This body camera makes it possible to provide all required features of a body camera without the need of additinal equipment on an already heavy uniform.
The body camera is designed to replace the already in used Push-To-Talk Mic./Speaker.

HD Police Body Cam X-Surveillance DS300

X-Surveillance Body Camera Integration.

The X-Surveillance DS300 is designed to integrate easily within a wearers/officers equipment. Easy replacement of an already for decades in use Push-To-Talk Mic./Speaker, and compatible with nearly every Push-To-Talk manufacturer and device.
The X-Surveillance DS300 is also compatible with existing clip holders and specific cloting which are currently in use by the wearers/officers.
The X-Surveillance DS300 is also compatible with existing Push-To-Talk critical communications such as; TETRA / APCO / C2000 / and more.

Police BodyCamera X-Surveillance DS300

X-Surveillance Body Cam Software.

The X-Surveillance Software is designed to be integrated hassle-free within most existing control & command management systems. The X-Surveillance Software can be stored on premises (on location or command and control center), stores both video and sound simultaneously, categorized and commented per evidence recordings.
Every recording can be documented with time of recording, location of recording, officer ID who recorded, and can be exported easily i.e. for optionally object and facial recognition.

Police BodyCams X-Surveillance DS300

Pilot / Trial X-Surveillance.

Is your organisation, municipality, department or office in need of evidence recording solutions?
X-Surveillance can assist you in delivering a hassle-free body camera including (on-premises) management software and integration solutions.
Contact X-Surveillance to schedule an appointment

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