Police Body Camera Software

On-Premises Evidence Recording Management Software

Police Body Cam Software X-Surveillance DS300

The X-Surveillance Management Software is developed to operate on-premises, no matter if it is on client’s own servers, or located in the command and control room. The management software is free of charge and comes with the body camera. It is the choice of the client where the management software is hosted.

Compatible Management Software.

The X-Surveillance Management Software of the body camera is developed so that it can be easily integrated within existing command and control management systems. There is no need of additional systems, the software can be integrated and works compatible with nearly all Command & Control major management systems.
Evidence recordings can also easily be exported i.e. for optionally object and facial recognition by all major object and facial recognition software.

Police Body Worn Camera Software X-Surveillance DS300

Features Management Software.

Transferring evidence recorded photos, sounds and videos is simple with the X-Surveillance Management Software. It is easy and uncluttered to transfer evidence recordings from the body camera to the management software.
When transferring evidence video recordings, the X-Surveillance Management Software combines both video and sound data in one data file to make it convenient to manage, organize and categorize.
An important feature of the X-Surveillance Management Software is the possibility to category and to put notifications on all recorded evidence.

Categorizations Management Software.

The X-Surveillance Management Software stores both video and sound simultaniously, categorized and commented per recorded evidence.
Every recorded evidence can be stored with Officer’s ID and the exact GPS location where the evidence footage was recorded. This may be highly valuable for investigations, court cases en overall evidence.
Evidence recordings also can be documented and categorized with specific notifications.

Police Body Camera Software X-Surveillance DS300

Datasheet & Brochure.

Contact X-Surveillance to receive the X-Surveillance DS300 brochure and extended datasheet.
Or request a demo kit for pilots and trial periods within your organisation, municipality, department or office.

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