X-Surveillance Body Cam DS300

Body Cam Features & Advantages.

Police Body Cam DS300
This bodycam comes with several improve protection-, credibility- and life saving features for people who work in public safety and public security.

• Better photo, sound and video evidence recordings
• Unobtrusive camera to avoid any attention seekers
• Automatic turn-on/-off night-vision recordings
• Preventing agretation, agression and attacks
• Pre-recording ~ 20 seconds prior to record
• Exact GPS-location of evidence recordings
• Additional flash-light for extra lighting
• Increasing sole wearers labour safety
• PTT & TETRA critical communications
• Ergonomic user-friendly design
• Password protected recordings
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Body Cam + Critical Communications.

Of course, the main advantage of this body camera is that it replaces the existing push-to-talk Mic./Speaker.
No need of additional equipment or additional training.
Safe, familiar, user-friendly and easy to use.
Both the X-Surveillance body camera and software are developed in a way that it is easy integration with existing critical communications equipment and control & command management systems.

Police Body Camera - Critical Communications

Datasheet & Brochure.

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