wireless cellular intrusion detection sensor system


X-SURVEILLANCE DoT: Cellular Intrusion Detection Sensors System.

X-SURVEILLANCE Cellular Intrusion Detection is a directional, highly accurate and geo-fencing detection sensor system tool that can identify, track and trace wireless devices throughout the cellular RF spectrum. It monitors preset areas, scans for wireless devices, detects and identifies devices for evidence and intelligence.

The solutions for which the tool can be used are

Safe & Secure Meeting Room Protection

Tactical Compound Intrusion Protection

Unauthorized access to secured areas

R&D Departments Security & Surveillance

Critical Infrastructure Physical Security

Customs Security & Surveillance Intelligence

Border Protection & Surveillance Sensors

High Risk Compound Security

Intruder Detection & Surveillance

Fast VIP access control

Banking & Trading Floor Surveillance


Whether the X-SURVEILLANCE DoT is used for identification, evidence or intelligence. The X-SURVEILLANCE DoT is due to its broad deployment options the solution for every organisation that requires additional security and safety. X-SURVEILLANCE DoT is a remote operational surveillance solution detecting cellular and wireless mobile devices within matters of seconds.

• 4G LTE cellular devices

• 3G GPRS cellular devices

• 2G GSM cellular devices

• WiFi wireless devices

• IoT wireless devices


Select the X-SURVEILLANCE DoT option that suits you most.

• Detection & Localisation
Using passive techniques. Detect and localize wireless devices using accurately places dots on a floor-plan map.

• Detection & Localisation + Tracking
Using passive techniques. Combine other surveillance techniques and a DoT mesh-network to keep tracking a suspect.

• Detection & Localisation + Tracking + Identification
Using semi-passive techniques. Increase the intel with identity of every wireless device, contact X-SURVEILLANCE for more details.


Download the Data Sheet on Wireless Cellular Intrusion Detection & Identification: [ DATA SHEET ▼ ]

Contact the X-SURVEILLANCE Sales Team for more information: [ CONTACT US ► ]

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