Emergency Critical Communications

Two-Way-Radio / Push-To-Talk Communications

Police Body Camera - Critical Communications

The X-Surveillance makes it possible to communicate over critical communication networks such as regular VHF and UHF networks, emergency TETRA, APCO, C2000, etc. networks, and other push-to-talk networks.
With the Push-To-Talk function of the X-Surveillance it is possible to communicate over critical communication networks, and instantly record evidence videos in case of critical situations.

Push-To-Talk + Body Camera.

With the X-Surveillance DS300 wearers can easily replace their existing Push-To-Talk Mic. / Speaker and get an unique push-to-talk and push-to-record device in one.
The X-Surveillance DS300 makes it possible for police officers, public safety, first aid, emergency, defense and security personnel to use both critical communications and evidence recordings simultaniously.

Police Body Cameras Critical Communication

Push-To-Talk Mic. / Speaker Handheld

Current Push-To-Talk Mic. / Speakers (handhelds) are developed as an extension of a Push-To-Talk (a.k.a. Two-Way-Radio) device to communicate with colleagues and command and control rooms over regular and emergency networks.
The current handhelds are mostly located at the chest or shoulder of a wearer / officer, which is with no doubt an excellent location for a body camera. So why not combining those two devices into one.
This is what X-Surveillance developed with the X-Surveillance DS300.

Push-To-Talk Compatibility.

Critical communications are the heart for every professional in public safety and public security. A function that may never be compromised.
Thats why the X-Surveillance DS300 is compatible with nearly every Push-To-Talk manufacturer and model available, from Hytera to Motorola. Contact X-Surveillance to confirm if your Push-To-Talk model is compatible.

Push-To-Talk Critical Communications

Datasheet & Brochure.

Contact X-Surveillance to receive the X-Surveillance DS300 brochure and extended datasheet.
Or request a demo kit for pilots and trial periods within your organisation, municipality, department or office.

Request Datasheet & Brochure

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