X-Surveillance DS100.

Military Grade; surveillance and evidence “Body Cameras”.

X-Surveillance DS 100.
The DS 100 Police bodycam is a stand-alone body camera which records and stores recordings securely within the bodycam device and software. Developed to protect the wearer and provide more evidence.

This body camera features HD video recordings, automatic night vision, audio recording, pre-recording, post-recording, internal image display and one-touch navigation functionality.

Law-Enforcement Body Camera.

The X-Surveillance DS100 body camera is truly developed for law-enforcement, emergency, police, public safety and security officers that need additional safety measures to ensure they can operate safely during their shifts.

Whether the body camera is used indoors or outdoors, during day or night, the DS 100 bodycam is the best partner. It has no opinions, it delivers only facts and evidence and protects the officer against false accusations.

HD Recordings Body Cameras.

The X-Surveillance DS100 has an easy to use single ‘one press recording’ button to initiate recordings.

With a pre-event and post-event recording functionality to ensure crucial events are not missed. The pre-event recording is a buffer that captures HD video of the events occurring prior to a recording is manually activated. The post-event recording is the same HD video recording buffer after the manually activated recordings.

Some extra options are showing the time and date of recording and showing the verification number of the device/officer.

Night Vision Body Cameras.

The X-Surveillance DS100 has 10 infrared lights around the camera with a reach up to 10 meters in the dark. In addition to the night vision the DS100 has a powerful long lasting battery for hours or recording time.

The “night vision” recordings have never been easier and safer. The operator is able to configure the night vision both manually and automatically. The automatic high-intensive infrared night vision turns on automatically sunset, minimum lighting, night or in dark environments.

In dangerous situations it can be vitally important to have a clear bright sight on a situation or on a person. In the dark you can make wrong assumptions and because of that maybe make wrong decisions. To prevent this, DS100 opted for adding Flashlight on the body camera.

Body Camera and Dash Cam in One.

With an additional X-Surveillance DS 100 car mount, you can use the X-Surveillance DS 100 as a Dash Cam in the car. Attach the very strong suction cup to the window for a good and strong hold of the body cam.

This gives a very clear picture of what is happening on the road and from a better point of view, compared with a body cam attached to a police equipment. The officer can move and record impellent images.

Pilot / Trial X-Surveillance.

The DS100 police body cam has similar to the DS200 (which is the 4G Live Streaming variant) an ergonomically friendly design, with a several life saving and durability features such as an accidental damage protective design

With frontal four point grip, noise-reducing microphones, one- or multiple docking station, bottom charging points and is compatible with several rotating clips.

After shift all footages will be saved in the control room, for control and playback anytime. Also very important for an overview and (court) evidence. The data on this DS100 body camera is password encrypted to make sure only restricted personal can view the raw recording materials.

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