X-Surveillance DS200.

Military Grade; surveillance and evidence “Body Cameras”.

X-Surveillance DS 200.
Military Grade 4G / Wi-Fi – live streaming body worn camera designed by X-Surveillance, in The Netherlands for multi purpose recordings.

The X-Surveillance DS200 is a body worn camera developed for surveillance, incident, evidence and intel recordings providing Full-HD live streaming and local storage. Enabling military specs voice, photo and video recordings, AES- and end-to-end security.

Designed to use for wearers bodycams, drones aircams, vehicles dashcams, and so on.

Law-Enforcement 4G Body Camera.

The X-Surveillance DS200 is the most optimal law-enforcement, police and military-grade body camera developed to deliver reliable evidence and intel no matter the weather conditions and environment.

With the hardware protective; shock-, dust- and water-resistant design this body cam is developed to provide optimum professional performance to protect lives and to be seamlessly integrated with the known X-Surveillance iNVR.

The DS200 4G bodycam is designed to help police, military, civil servants and law enforcement agencies everywhere, to make the world a safer place.

Live Streaming 4G Body Camera.

The X-Surveillance DS200 has an easy to use single ‘one press recording’ button to initiate (4G live streaming) recording and illuminate a discreet LED indicator letting the operator know the bodycam is in use.

With a pre-event and post-event recording functionality to ensure crucial events are not missed. The pre-event recording is a buffer that captures HD video of the events occuring prior to a recording is manually activated. The post-event recording is the same HD video recording buffer after the manually activated recordings.

Recordings captured with this 4G body cam can be live streamed and viewed using the iNVR; X-Surveillance evidence management software. Using a personalized storage location solution, such as; Cloud, On-Premises or X-Surveillance NVR “Deployable Command & Control” solution.

4G HD & Night Vision Recordings.

Using the latest high compression technology, the X-Surveillance DS200 police 4G body cam is able to record, store and transfer 720p and 1080p HD recordings to minimum file sizes and reduces storage costs.

DS200 with built-in Night-Vision recording up to 10 meters range. The “night vision” recordings have never been easier and safer. The operator is able to configure the night vision both manually and automatically.

The automatic high-intensive infrared night vision turns on automatically sunset, minimum lighting, night or in dark environments. With the evidence recordings saved securely on the body cam, Cloud, On-Premises or X-Surveillance NVR-100 Server + Client C&C Tablet-Computer.

Pilot / Trial X-Surveillance.

The DS200 police bodycam has an ergonomically friendly design, with a several life saving and durability features such as an accidental damage protective design, strong flashlight LED, frontal four point grip, noise-reducing microphones, one- or multiple docking station, bottom charging points and is compatible with several routating clips.

The bodycam is also developed to be intercompatible with other systems and storage platforms. With video date and time stamps recordings for accuracy and usability in court.

Ability to to record video recordings with or without audio, the X-Surveillance DS200 can adjust to your local laws and requirements.

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