Emergency Video LTE 4G Body Worn Camera (4G - 3G - WiFi)


The latest X-SURVEILLANCE Emergency Body Worn Camera. Is a robust 4G, 3G and WiFi live streaming Body Worn Camera developed to store and share secure evidence streams. The two-sided recording body worn camera a true situational awareness live streaming audio and video recorder.

– Front-side has as a covert body camera, recording evidence and operational footage.

– Rear-side has a large display showing the recorded video protecting the first responder against violent persons.

Special Emergency LTE 4G BodyCameras & BodyCams by X-SURVEILLANCE


To provide optimal evidence and situational awareness during an emergency this Emergency Body Worn Camera uses the following features:

• IP65+ grade, water resistant and shockproof
• Deployable Private LTE tactical network compatible
• Transmitting video on entire 4G LTE network
• Receive and upload satellite position information
• Infrared night vision up to 10 meters effectively
• Infrared night vision facial recognition in 3 meters
• Secure log recording and data integrity
• Secure VPN connection, data transfer
• OpenVPN-NL, evaluated encrypted VPN
• VPN Similar to the ‘NATO RESTRICTED
• Encrypted data protection on camera
• Hardware ruggedized body worn camera
• Contact to receive the Tactical Body Camera Datasheet.

IP65 + IP67 Rugged Emergency Police LTE 4G Body Worn Camera


The X-SURVEILLANCE … has a built-in 4G and 3G modem and WiFi modem to provide live streaming recordings from the first responder to the operator. Operators can track missions real-time by receiving HQ audio, video and location data.

Enabling operators to make accurate decisions by audio, video and location data provided by the on site first responders. Operators on the other side can share files, critical data and mission related maps with first responders.


The body camera is compatible with the X-SURVEILLANCE NVR (Network Video Recording) to realize a rapid deployable MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Networking) to maximize situational awareness in any environment. Extendable with a Private LTE network operational as a (frequency independent) 4G LTE base station whereby teams using the NVR connect with the eNodeB.


Download the X-SURVEILLANCE X-ONE | Next-Gen 4G LTE Body Worn Camera: [ DATA SHEET ▼ ]

Contact the X-SURVEILLANCE Sales Team for more information: [ CONTACT US ► ]

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