Emergency & Disaster Communication Devices.

Voice, Video, Sound and GPS Location Communication Devices


The NVR 100 Emergency Communication System is developed for emergency, safety and tactical use. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, providing a safety solution when there is a threat, disruption, disasters or possible crisis; The NVR 100 is always ready.

Teams equipped with the DS 200 body worn cameras are always connected with the NVR 100, being able to share critical information during disasters, crisis and emergencies.

Enabling coordinators and leaders to make better and faster decisions by providing them with more data delivering instant and real-time two-way voice, Full-HD + night-vision video and location movements.


The NVR 100 is designed to assist supervisors and coordinators during crisis situations, receiving continuous information both on; live video streaming, real-time sound, voice and two-way communications.

How to manage crisis situations within a short timespan when there is a emergency or disaster, that requires decisions and special measures.

The NVR 100 and its emergency communication devices, the DS200 body worn cameras, as one unit is the worlds most advanced, most scalable, and most efficient emergency communication solution. Delivering critical data real-time, always and anywhere independently from existing infrastructures.


With the NVR 100 users can focus on preventing and minimizing the impact of emergencies and disasters. Designed to be used during crisis management.

X-Surveillance’s attitude to security has changed significantly the last recent years. We are now more focused on potential threats, and we are concerned about the impact threats and crisis have on our community and organisation.

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Order your own NVR 100 Emergency & Special Operations Command & Control DEMO-KIT.
Containing mil-grade professional body worn cameras and the NVR 100 in its military grade casing.
Pre-installed, and ready for any operation, emergency, crisis or mission.

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