Emergency and Crisis Management Communication System

The on-site / stand-alone command and control unit X-Surveillance NVR (Network Video Recorder) is designed for coordination, first response and first-aid in crisis situations, emergencies, evacuations and emergencies.

Especially during an incident, emergency, calamity and crisis situations good, real-time and accurate communication is required.

The sooner more knowledge, data and information can be collected, the faster and safer a situation can be assessed and managed.

In an emergency situations, the first systems to fail are (wireless) connections, electricity networks and fixed infrastructure, while at such a moment an accurate pair of eyes and ears can be of vital importance.

The X-Surveillance NVR is the solution that can save lives.

What is the X-Surveillance NVR


The X-Surveillance NVR is equipped with important functions that are needed during emergency and crisis management.

For example, the NVR can connect via an ethernet connection to MANET smart radios, the NVR includes an internal 4G sim card connector and a strong battery to operate completely stand-alone.

The X-Surveillance NVR comes in combination with live streaming body cameras.

With real-time HD and night vision images, sharp and clear sound, accurate GPS location and two-way speech and communication.

Organizations and teams equipped with the X-Surveillance NVR are better equipped for emergencies, calamities and crises by being permanently connected, and to share detailed and accurate information so that adequate action can be taken.

Using the X-Surveillance NVR can actually save lives.

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Crisis and Emergency Communication

Developed for better, real-time and live communication – image, video, sound, location, communication – and not dependent on existing infrastructure that can fail during calamities and emergencies.

The communication between the users in the field and the coordinators can be realized by means of 4G (and 3G) mobile data connection, MANET Radio connection, and Wi-Fi network connection. Includes protected and secure connection between the user and coordinators.

With the X-Surveillance NVR, safety and crisis coordinators can make better decisions by providing them faster with better (factual and accurate image, sound, location and personal opinion through two-way communication) data.

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Additional benefits and more safety

• Follow the positions and movements of colleagues in the field using integrated GPS.

• Captured real-time images can be used for training purposes.

• Watch live real-time HD and night vision images from the NVR, and when necessary, also from additional tablets and smartphones via a secure NVR client.

• The X-Surveillance NVR comes in combination with specially designed body cameras with additional battery packs for long-term recording and communication.

• The coordinators can communicate with the user via a microphone. A user can communicate back via the body cam and / or possibly with headset.

• Automatic night vision; From the body camera, live video images can be seen through the software, with a range of eight to fifteen meters. HD recordings can be categorized and shared live for additional evidence, facial recognition and user safety.

• And many safety features.

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X-Surveillance NVR Safety Products

The NVR is available in the following versions: the NVR 100, NVR 200 and NVR 300.

• NVR 100. A military-grade tablet computer and server integrated into a portable pelican case in one for medium-sized locations and / or use per floor. With the option of four to eight body cameras in the same NVR 100 set.

• NVR 200. A military-grade comprehensive tablet computer integrated into a wheel rack mount case, with various servers and APC battery backups for large locations and / or terminals and departments. With ten to thirty body cameras including the same NVR 200 set.

• NVR 300. A very extensive set of different, independently operating, wheeled rackmount cases and pelican cases uniquely designed for the customer which can be used for large-scale emergencies emergency and crisis management. Available for airports, stadiums, train stations and government agencies.

Do you want a solution tailored to your organization? That is not a problem at all. All NVRs are personalized for each client, whether it is a pilot or purchase, we always think along with you.

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