Communication during emergency situations.

NVR 100 : Emergency Situations Communications


In any emergency, the first systems to fail are cell towers, electricity networks and fixed infrastructure. Especially during emergencies and crisis management an accurate pair of eyes and ears is vital.

Without the hassle of an hour or more to access CCTV networks, the establishment of communications, gathering on-sight information, tracking positions and movements, or no view at all when there are no body worn cameras in use.

Primarily during emergencies and potential crisis situations, communication is predominant. The more intel, data, evidence and information can be gathered, the easier and safer a situation can be managed.


View, listen and communicate what is happening during a (crisis)situation. Poor communication can be prevented. The NVR 100 give the bodycam wearers the possibility to explain clearly their point-of-view to decision makers using real-time voice, sound, photo, video, and location.

Assisting during evacuations, emergencies, crisis management, social disruption, other situations. With the NVR 100 Emergency Communication System you are always and anywhere in control.

Pilot / Trial X-Surveillance.

Order your own NVR 100 Emergency & Special Operations Command & Control DEMO-KIT.
Containing mil-grade professional body worn cameras and the NVR 100 in its military grade casing.
Pre-installed, and ready for any operation, emergency, crisis or mission.

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