X-SURVEILLANCE provides governments, law enforcement and security organisations with next-generation proprietary wireless detection and identification technologies to safeguard our society.

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Wireless Public Safety & Security Technology

X-SURVEILLANCE introduces X-Sensor DoT. A neatly-meshed next-generation security, safety and surveillance (proactive and forensic) solution that can be used for Public Safety and Perimeter Security purposes.

Public Safety
– Identify unrecognisable suspects
– Verify wirelessly a suspect’s identity
– Passively track and trace suspects
– Pinpoint suspect’s whereabouts
– Correlating data of connected suspects
– Correlating members of a criminal organisation
– Enabling leaders to make better decisions
– Increase safety using predictive correlation

Perimeter Security
– Better protect and secure compounds
– Increasingly safeguarding valuable assets
– Predict break-ins, thefts and assaults
– Segment areas for targeted security
– Improve personnel and visitor’s security
– Better controlling (un)-authorised visitors
– Expanding of access control systems

X-Sensor DoT is a real-time disruptive proprietary plug & play system of sensors and an extended AI based operation center for privacy-compliant monitoring of entities (suspects) with their unique wireless footprint.

Developed to operate passively and semi-passively in the entire wireless (cellular) spectrum.
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X-SURVEILLANCE Wireless Cellular Intrusion Detection

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