High-Definition Body Camera

High- Quality & Definition Body Cam

HD Body Camera X-Surveillance DS300

The X-Surveillance body camera makes use of a Full-HD (High-Definition) camera that can record up to 1080p and a staggering of 30 frames per second for optimal and detailed evidence video recordings.

Both the photo and video recordings for evidence are from a high quality, to provide the evidence recordings when required. Both the photo and video recordings have a 1080p quality.
A side of a Push-To-Record button, the X-Surveillance body camera also has a Push-To-Photo button. A separate button to make a detailed photo. So a separate photo camera to bring along isn’t needed anymore.

HD Body Cam X-Surveillance DS300

High Quality Evidence Recordings.

When using the X-Surveillance body camera a recording can be made separately of a video, a photo or a sound, and also can be recorded simultaniously to provide the required evidence.
The simultaniously recorded data as video and sound can be important as one data file within the X-Surveillance Management Software for time-saving results and convenient workflow.
No more need of different devices. One device is enough; the X-Surveillance body camera.

Password protected recordings.

All evidence recordings are password-protected located within the body camera. Both the 720p / 1080p video recordings, and 16MP photo recordings.
The capacity of the recordings are 32GB which is enough for a full-day shift, or more when recording occasionally upon request by the wearer / officer.

All in one Body Camera.

The X-Surveillance body camera is the ultimate body camera for every public safety and public security professional.
This body camera is a combination of both Full High Definition body camera and Push-To-Talk Mic. / Speaker including ten other functionalities.

HD Body Worn Camera X-Surveillance DS300

Datasheet & Brochure.

Contact X-Surveillance to receive the X-Surveillance DS300 brochure and extended datasheet.
Or request a demo kit for pilots and trial periods within your organisation, municipality, department or office.

Request Datasheet & Brochure

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