Luxury Super Yacht Marinas Security and Yachting Surveillance


The X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR can detect Android- and iPhone smartphones entering a super or luxury yacht when entering a marina.

Indoor: luxury yachts, super yachts, emergency rooms, personal rooms secret rooms.

Outdoor: port docks, luxury yachting marinas, super yacht entrances.

There are areas on a luxury yacht whereby smartphones are not allowed for security reasons, because they are the main tool for espionage. For that reason phone detection is of great importance.

As well as to gain evidence against a criminal who is performing criminal or espionage activities.
Proactively detect intruders trying to access the superyacht.


The forensics tool of the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR might be of important use to identify, to track and trace smartphones.

• 4G spectrum smartphones

• 3G spectrum smartphones

• 2G spectrum smartphones

• WiFi spectrum smartphones

In combination with cameras, which may influence the owners privacy as well, the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR is the ultimate privacy-proof security solution for super and luxury yachts and marinas.


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