Emergency Management Solution : NVR 100.

Military Grade; Surveillance and Emergency “Network Video Recorder”.

X-Surveillance NVR 100.
Video management server and video management client; in one mobile video management device. It is fast, efficient, modular and easy to use and can be managed to the standards of your team. Delivered with extended two-way communications voice, video, location body worn cameras.

The NVR 100 allows officers to setup their own on-site command and control post on the location required, providing a direct connection between body worn cameras and the NVR 100 Emergency Management command & control unit, without the intervention of an external cloud, existing infrastructure, entirely operating independently. The NVR 100 operates entirely on its own.

Designed for Emergency Management.

The X-Surveillance NVR 100 is developed for tactial, evidence and emergency management recordings with the use of DS200 body worn cameras. Designed in The Netherlands for optimum safety and security.

The designers of the NVR 100 (Network Video Recorder) undestands that accurate and instant data matters, whether it contains voice, sound, photo, video, location. It all has to be available in real time and afterwards accurately available.

Whether it is used within a division, squadron or an entire department, the NVR 100 is flexible and extendable.

Emergency Management Features.

Data; surveillance, incident, evidence and intel security.
Providing industry leading end-to-end security on data transmitted. AES data encryption. IP-Blacklisting, VPN via 4G SIM-Card. Ethernet to MPU-5 radio. Secure local data storage. Secure live data transfer. Time, officer ID and GPS Location as watermark. No external interfearance. Off the grid operations. Local command and control.

Users; body worn camera and officers / wearers safety.
Providing in combination with X-Surveillance DS200 safety features. Emergency SOS recordings. Distress messaging, Push-To-Talk over LTE. Real time location tracking. GPS geo-fencing. On-device data storage. Live data streaming. Voice, Photo, Video and GPS. Remote data recording. Remote start/stop streaming. Legal proof. Operational modularity.

Emergency & Military Grade.

The NVR 100 is designed for tactical operations, and can be deployed anywhere, any situation, environment and mission. With its build-in 4G Sim-Card or Ethernet (MPU-5 connection) it can operate both as Server + Client for its deployed bodycams.

Developed to provide an easy setup, within 5 minutes, as an on-site command and control.

Pilot / Trial X-Surveillance.

Order your own NVR 100 Emergency & Special Operations Command & Control DEMO-KIT.
Containing mil-grade professional body worn cameras and the NVR 100 in its military grade casing.
Pre-installed, and ready for any operation, emergency, crisis or mission.

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