Cellular Intrusion Detection: Perimeter Security Critical Infrastructure


Detection of cellular devices is crucial for the safety and security policies of a critical infrastructure.

Whether your organisation operates in one of these critical infrastructure sectors, the X-SURVEILLANCE DoT is the cellular intrusion detection solution for perimeter security:
• (Petro) Chemical industry sector

• Oil refinery facilities sector

• Critical manufacturing sector

• Pharmaceutical sector

• Defense industrial base sector

• Emergency services sector

• Government facilities sector

• Healthcare and public health sector

• Nuclear reactors, materials, and waste sector

• Maritime & passenger and cargo port sector

• Drink water system sector

• Waste water system sector


By using its geo-fence settings in the dashboard and antennas the X-SURVEILLANCE DoT is is a directional and highly accurate 4G LTE cellular detection sensor system. Set the perimeter and it detects every intruders using its cellular device indoor and outdoor.

Remotely monitoring, scanning, detecting, identifying, locating, tracking and tracing cellular devices throughout the cellular RF spectrum in matters of seconds.


The X-SURVEILLANCE DoT is used for rapid cellular intrusion detection, localisation and identification of an intruder. While a smart phone or smart device is not warned. Note, this is not an active detector.

This semi-passive cellular intrusion detection helps to secure a compound against criminals, activists, terrorists. For humanitarian operations the X-SURVEILLANCE DoT can be deployed after an emergency or disaster looking for lost individuals nearby a compound using drones to scan a specific or large area.


Download the Data Sheet on Wireless Cellular Intrusion Detection & Identification: [ DATA SHEET ▼ ]

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