Professional Body Cameras

The unique body cameras are specially developed for- and in collaboration with investigators, police, emergency services and security personnel. The body cameras are equipped with functions, designed for convenience and saving lives in-mind.

Every body camera features automatic night-vision. The infrared sensor enables the instant automatic switch from Full-HD to HD night-vision when the user steps into a dark area, or when the light changes during sunrise and sunset.

For additional evidence, the body cameras features pre-recording and post-recording capabilities, whereby 10 to 30 seconds of image data are stored and added to a recording to serve as evidence to determine the cause of an incident, as well as the events after the incident.

The body cameras are also have password protection in regards to data and recordings to ensure the protection of the users and the evidence. All the recordings always consists of real-time image, sound and GPS location in one data transmission, and is completely compatible with the X-Surveillance Body Camera Software System.

DS 100 Body Camera

The DS 100 is a stand-alone body camera where all images (including sound and GPS) are stored on a local secure storage within the bodycam.

The evidence can be uploaded later in the software and can be viewed and categorized locally on a laptop and computer.

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DS 200 Body Camera

The DS 200 is a 4G and WiFi Real-Time Live body camera, which utilizes the Ambarella A12 chipset in which the mobile 4G (+ 3G) and WiFi connection in the bodycam is processed for actual live connection from the body camera.

In addition, all data on the DS 200 is encrypted and password protected, and the device offers two-way communication, emergency calls, automatic night vision, full HD recordings, very accurate GPS location and the bodycam comes with the unique 4G Live BodyCam iNVR software.

In addition, the DS 200 Body Camera is compatible with the unique NVR (Network Video Recorder) “on-site / stand-alone” emergency command and control unit.

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DS 300 Body Camera

Like the DS 100, the DS 300 is a stand-alone body camera. However, this model makes use of a unique design in which the bodycam can be connected to a radio-telephone speaking key which offers interoperability with (almost) all types of existing radios.

This model comes with the advantage that no additional equipment is required on an already heavily equipped BOA or police uniform.

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