Professional Police body cameras

X-Surveillance distinguishes itself in an unique way by providing a complete package of body cameras, software, and command and control units for professional use.

X-Surveillance is known for their excellent products as they are Dutch Designed, and of European Quality. The products are being developed in-house in conformity with the Dutch and European quality standards.

X-Surveillance offers three series of the body cameras;
• DS 100 Body Camera
• DS 200 (4G) Body Camera
• DS 300 Body Camera
• DS 400 available soon.

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Professional Body Camera Software

X-Surveillance offers an additional complete and unique body camera software system.

• Client-hosting (server, client and browser)

• Cloud-hosting (server, client and browser)

• On-site stand-alone software voor de NVR

• 4G Real-Time bodycam software.

The 4G live streaming and real-time X-Surveillance BodyCam software is perhaps the world’s most user-friendly and most comprehensive all-in-one software solution currently available.

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Emergency Communication System

X-Surveillance NVR (Network Video Recorder) is an unique emergency and tactical on-site communication solution for emergencies and crises without the need for a fixed infrastructure. The system can completely function independently. The NVR is specially developed to save lives.

Developed for better, real-time and live communication – image, video, sound, location, communication – and not dependent on existing infrastructure that can fail during calamities and emergencies.

With the X-Surveillance NVR, safety and crisis coordinators can make better decisions by providing them faster with better (factual and accurate image, sound, location and personal opinion through two-way communication) data.

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