Police & Special Force Security (Military, Law Enforcement and Defense)


The X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR is a remote operational surveillance sensor system detecting cellular and wireless smart devices within matters of seconds. Cellular devices can be detected non-line of sight or in-line of sight.

The X-SENSOR sensors are continuously monitoring a perimeter, or may be triggered by another sensor, using detection algorithms the system can retrieve the identity of the intruder(s) in a matter of seconds.

Due to the flexibility, the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR can be used as well as indoor as outdoor.


The X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR systems can be extended with a Mesh Network by using repeaters, and each X-SENSOR sensor is acting as a network node and is always communicating back to the C2 (Command & Control).

The entire network can be using a VPN, even the departmental restricted OpenVPN-NL (similar to the DEPARTMENTAL RESTRICTED) and can be encrypted using AES256 encryption.

For deployable needs, the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR has the flexibility to operate as a deployed accurate and directional passive cellular intrusion detector.


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