Meeting & Board Room Cellular Intrusion Detection


The protection of C-Level meeting rooms is critical.
Secure a meeting- or boardroom using wireless and cellular intrusion detection.

By eavesdropping a C-Level meeting room an intruder has instant access to valuable information such as financial results, long-term strategies, intellectual properties, cooperation agreements, and so on. A secure and safe meeting room must be top priority no matter the size of the company.

The advantage of the X-SURVEILLANCE DoT is that smart phone or smart device are not alerted while being detected, the DoT sensor system detects and identifies LTE 4G smart devices semi-passive (discrete and unnoticed).


Eavesdropping conversations are of a great risk for companies. Small, possible remotely activated, bugs (covert listening devices) with a microphone can be placed within the office, under office tables, inside cable trays or inside ventilators. Via a cellular, mostly LTE 4G or WiFi, connection conversations are overheard by competitors or activists.

X-SURVEILLANCE has designed “DoT Intelligence & Evidence” which A) constantly monitors the room, B) is monitoring during a meeting.


X-SURVEILLANCE DoT Intelligence & Evidence detects unauthorized wireless devices and covert listening devices when remotely activated or being active. It automatically detects rogue wireless devices that are being used for eavesdropping and exfiltration through the radio frequency spectrum.

Providing the solutions:
• No wireless device allowed during meetings
• Whitelist C-Level wireless devices during meetings


The X-SURVEILLANCE DoT detects and identifies smart phones and smart devices directional and accurately. Standard it detects every 4G LTE cellular device and can be extended to detect and identify the entire cellular spectrum:

• 4G LTE cellular devices

• 3G GPRS cellular devices

• 2G GSM cellular devices

• WiFi wireless devices

• IoT wireless devices


Download the Data Sheet on Wireless Cellular Intrusion Detection & Identification: [ DATA SHEET ▼ ]

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