Secure Area Wireless Cellular Intrusion Detection


Monitor unauthorized access to secured areas using Cellular Intrusion Detection.

Secured areas within a company contain often the crown jewels of the R&D, engineering or finance departments.

Unauthorized access and authorized access policies are critical for the operation of the company however intruders can still bypass the current security measures.


There are a few types of accessing unauthorized to secured areas, such as:


One or more persons follow, intentionally or unintentionally, an authorized employee through a door. Out of common courtesy, the intruders gain access to a secured area.

Forcing access

Gaining unauthorized access to a secured room can be using door propping. This is mostly detected after some short time, resulting in a low response time.

Keys & cards

Security systems identify an unauthorized intruder as an employee and give access to a secured area. Whether the keys or cards are stolen, lost, forgotten or loaned out to someone else the intruder has full access to a secured area.


Next to biometric, facial recognition and photo identification cards which are not always all three in place for every secured area due to pricing, installation or otherwise. There is an additional solution.

X-SURVEILLANCE DoT Intelligence & Evidence detects unauthorized persons using their cellular / wireless devices carrying with them. Each person now a days is carrying a smartphone, wearing a smartwatch or using an other tactical wireless device.

X-SURVEILLANCE DoT monitors, detects and identifies.
• Detecting intruders carrying a smartphone or other wireless device
• Identifying the person with unique digital characteristics for evidence and forensics


The X-SURVEILLANCE DoT detects and identifies smart phones and smart devices directional and accurately. Standard it detects every 4G LTE cellular device and can be extended to detect and identify the entire cellular spectrum:

• 4G LTE cellular devices

• 3G GPRS cellular devices

• 2G GSM cellular devices

• WiFi wireless devices

• IoT wireless devices


Download the Data Sheet on Wireless Cellular Intrusion Detection & Identification: [ DATA SHEET ▼ ]

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