Special Operations & Counter-Terrorism Security


This semi-passive cellular intrusion detection system helps to secure a compound against criminals, activists, intruders and terrorists. For (SOF) special operations forces and humanitarian operations the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR Tactical can be deployed after an emergency or disaster looking for lost individuals near an affected compound using drones to scan a specific or large area.

The X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR Tactical system can also be used for rapid identification of suspects: identifying the suspects via their smartphone.


During high-value target operations you might want to disable the wireless infrastructure, or certain mobile devices connected to a cell tower. Any type of employability is possible. Contact us for the possibilities

The X-SENSOR Tactical is a stand-alone, compact and deployable backpack which can be used in any terrain and environment.


Download the brochure or request a product demonstration for more information: REQUEST DOWNLOAD ►

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