Tactical Communications.

Tactical & Special Operations Communications


Aside of emergency and safety solutions, the NVR 100 is also ideal for special operations, no matter the mission or the environment. The NVR 100 is both durable, weatherproof as well as deployable at any time and everywhere.

Whether the NVR 100 and its body cameras are used during land -, air-, or sea- operations, its goal is to provide a unified operational picture, streaming video and voice, to maximize its users safety.


The NVR 100 is developed and designed for safety, emergency and tactical use. With the use of its live streaming connectivity both voice, sound, photo, video, location can be shared real-time.

Assignments can be through cities, tunnels and forrests with different connection capabilities, the body worn cameras of X-Surveillance can be used anywhere at anytime in combination with the NVR 100 Emergency Communication System.

Developed to operate on land, air and sea. Maximizing wearers safety, and delivering more tactical advantages providing real-time and live voice, sound, photo, video, location.


With the NVR 100 more evidence, data and intel can be gathered in no time, and the NVR 100 is deployable in just 5 minutes, using (IP white- and blacklisting) secure connections over ethernet cable (MPU-5 compatible), 4G/3G SIM-Card connectivity, WiFi and Radio networking.

Pilot / Trial X-Surveillance.

Order your own NVR 100 Emergency & Special Operations Command & Control DEMO-KIT.
Containing mil-grade professional body worn cameras and the NVR 100 in its military grade casing.
Pre-installed, and ready for any operation, emergency, crisis or mission.

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